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handmade gifts, journals, diaries, mixes in a jar, Pay it forward, and more!

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Country crafts

Items will be added often so check back with us if you don't find what you are looking for today. 

Great Country Crafts Gift Ideas!


$2.00 Each.  My little Prayer rocks with a cute little prayer attached. (Basket not included). #bmlpr1

Delicious homegrown herbs.  Approx. 6 oz. From my garden to your kitchen.  Only $7.00  Each in beautifully decorated jars to give your kitchen a great country look.


Basil -  $7.00  Each.   Homegrown Herbs  #bhgh1

Oregano-  $7.00 Each.  Homegrown Herbs.  #ohgh2

Thyme- $7.00 Each.  Homegrown herbs  #thgh3

Mint- $7.00 each.  Homegrown Herbs  #mhgh4

Savory- $7.00 each.  Homegrown herbs.  #shgh5

Sage- $7.00 each.  Homegrwon herbs.  #shgh6

Dill- $7.00 each.  Homegrown herbs.  #dhgh7

Parsley- $7.00 each.  Homegrown herbs.  #phgh8

Bay- $7.00 each. Homegrown herbs.  #bhgh9

Tarragon-  $7.00 each.  Homegrown herbs.  #thgh10

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$10.00-$18.00  Each.  Delicious mixes in a jar.  We offer cake mixes, Cookie mixes, Soup mixes, beverage mixes, and more.  All jars are unique and beautifully decorated with that country touch.
Email me for more information and full product list.  Single items coming soon with paypal option.


Peanut Butter Surprise
$18.00 each
1 quart


Moist Strawberry Cake
$18.00 each
1 Quart


Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies
1 quart

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